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Offense Wins Games…Defense Wins Championships: Tips to Build Your Security Strategy. Part Two – Game Day!

Now it’s game day for your team. They have gathered in the locker room for pre-game meetings, rituals and pep-talks by fellow coaches and team captains. The time has come for them to execute on the game plan that has been laid-out, practiced and approved by team management. The adrenaline is pumping … scenarios of how the game will play out running through the heads of the coaches, players and fans. Will the preparation be enough? [...] Read more

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Offense Wins Games…Defense Wins Championships: Tips to Build Your Security Game Plan

Avid sports fans from around the country are eagerly awaiting the much anticipated Super Bowl match-up between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. As fans prepare by stocking up on snacks and putting their beer on ice, the Super Bowl bound teams are “in the zone” preparing for one of the biggest games of their careers. [...] Read more

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The Business Case For an Intelligence-Driven Security Program

Threat intelligence is a term that causes some people to roll their eyes – mainly because they’ve been relentlessly bombarded with the typical hype and hyperbole. The fact is, a modern enterprise security program that does not draw from an intelligence-driven approach lacks focus and is effectively missing something crucial. [...] Read more

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Cyber Security Public Policy

Imagine a scenario where a highly motivated, trained, and well equipped enemy launched an invasion against the United States. Upon arriving at our shores, this enemy began grabbing anything of value—everything not literally fastened to the ground, and loaded these things onto a ship to take it back home. This scenario sounds far-fetched—but it’s happening every hour of every day here in the United States. [...] Read more

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Protecting Personal Devices

The holiday season has come and gone, and 2015 is officially upon us. Many of us are back at work toting a shiny new tablet, phone or laptop we were fortune enough to receive as a gift. But before you start surfing the Internet or installing applications (apps), an important first step to take is to enhance your security by “hardening” your device. [...] Read more

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Diversionary Tactics 101

When organizations are hacked or infected with malware, an important question they ask themselves is, “Who is attacking us?” Understanding an attackers profile gives your organization insight into their motives, tactics, and what they are after. The more you know about them, the more effective your strategy will be. [...] Read more

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