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Digital Sleight of Hand

It’s a good sign that attackers find themselves having to become more sophisticated and creative to beat corporate defenses. That being said, there is still no shortage of low hanging fruit out there, but let’s focus on the high-bar for a moment. [...] Read more

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Mapping Cyber Attacks to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is basically a theory that aims to understand what motivates people, represented as a pyramid that maps the different levels of needs. At the lowest level are the basic human needs that are required to function. As those needs are met, individuals move up the hierarchy to fulfill deeper and more complex needs. [...] Read more

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Offense Wins Games…Defense Wins Championships: Tips to Build Your Security Strategy. Part Two – Game Day!

Now it’s game day for your team. They have gathered in the locker room for pre-game meetings, rituals and pep-talks by fellow coaches and team captains. The time has come for them to execute on the game plan that has been laid-out, practiced and approved by team management. The adrenaline is pumping … scenarios of how the game will play out running through the heads of the coaches, players and fans. Will the preparation be enough? [...] Read more

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