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Empowering the CISO

A security-focused business culture can empower the CISO to effectively perform their job, and allow them to become a respected member of the ā€œCā€ level. As a result, they are able to implement a business-aligned security program that brings real value to the company. [...] Read more

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Decoding IBM WebSphere Portlet URLs

Portlet based web applications built with the IBM Web Experience Factory, previously known as the WebSphere Portlet Factory, produce long URL's containing GZIP'd and base64-encoded data. Viewing and tampering with the data transmitted between the client browser and backing application server is quintessential to application penetration testing. [...] Read more

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Shellshock Burp Scanning

The following is a Java plugin for the web proxy Burp designed to detect CVE-2014-6271, or shellshock, during active scans of web applications. Further versions of the shellshock vulnerability, e.g. CVE-2014-7169, are not detected by this plugin. [...] Read more

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Building a Security-Focused Business Culture

In the recent months, we have seen a disturbing thread in companies hit by major security breaches. In many cases, the problem can be attributed to a number of things; an internal security function that was never properly built, inadequate funding, existing leadership that was not empowered, or existing security leaders deciding to move on to other companies. [...] Read more

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In my previous blog post, I discussed the importance of segmentation and network design. Moving along in the series brings us to micro-segmentation. This concept goes beyond just segmenting past the traditional network segments, to actually segmenting hosts from each other on the same or different networks. [...] Read more

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How to Reduce Attack Surface

An effective strategy to help protect your organization is to reduce the noise, allowing for easier detection of an exploit; while at the same time increasing the difficulty to compromise. This, in effect, reduces the adversaries operating surface [...] Read more

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Addressing Insider Cybercrime

In a previous blog post, I discussed what triggers insider threat within an organization. Understanding these threats is important so that your organization can take the necessary steps to prevent insider cybercrime. To help minimize the risk, organizations should [...] Read more

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Detecting Shellshock with SIEM Solutions

At the end of September, a serious vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) came to light affecting Linux/Unix and Apple OS X. The seriousness of the Bash Shellshock vulnerability is that it allows unauthenticated, arbitrary code execution remotely. [...] Read more

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