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Segmentation, Segmentation, Segmentation!

When designing a network from a security perspective, segmentation is the name of the game. Segmentation is the process of dividing a network into sub networks, or just smaller portions of the network. The function, the risk appetite, data classification or security requirements, and any number of additional properties or combination of properties can define these segments. [...] Read more

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Why Are Healthcare Breaches on the Rise? (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I discussed how the visibility of electronic healthcare records (EHR), and the lucrative financial gain attackers can realize by stealing those records, has led to an increase in healthcare breaches. In this post I will explain why securing the records can be challenging, and what needs to be done in the industry to protect patients’ information. [...] Read more

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Crack Me If You Can - Hash Cracking Contest

The fifth annual Korelogic “Crack Me If You Can” contest took place this past weekend at the 22nd annual DEF CON. Crack Me If You Can (CMIYC) is an annual DEF CON contest that simulates real-world penetration testing scenarios where you might obtain large lists of hashed passwords from a client or clients. Password hashes [...] Read more

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What Does a Risk Assessment Do For Your Organization?

The purpose of a risk assessment is two-fold: to identify the threats that an organization faces and to help determine how to best prioritize resources to address those threats and protects its assets. When it comes to information assets, three things are critical: • The confidentiality of the information • The integrity of the information • The availability of [...] Read more

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The Hawthorne Effect of Penetration Testing

Back in the 1920s, there was a study done to test room illumination and its effects on the productivity of workers. What the testers expected to see was the level of illumination at which the work was optimal. What came out of the research, however, was something quite interesting. No matter what level of illumination, [...] Read more

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Staying Safe at Work

It’s common practice to lock the doors at home each night; in fact most people do it without even thinking about it. But what about at work; do you “lock” the doors each day? If you and your workforce are using simple passwords, blindly clicking on pop-ups or suspicious links, or are lacking proper network [...] Read more

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What Triggers Insider Threat?

When asked, “Do you have an insider threat problem?” many organizations might conclude that they have no issues and nothing to worry about, others admit they have a problem with no strategy. Both responses are inadequate. Insider threat can happen at any organization within any industry. Knowing this, is your organization taking the proper precautions [...] Read more

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